House & Animal Minding

There are times when you may need to be away from your home – I can regularly check on your property and provide a presence, so that the house appears to be occupied during your absence. I can water house plants, put the bins out, look after the garden and care for pets according to your instructions so that when you return everything is in order and well cared for.


Need help with your animals whilst you are out at work? – I can exercise and transport your pets –take them for veterinary appointments or to training/socialisation classes, or just call in to keep them company for a while whilst you are out. Dog recovering from an illness or surgery and you have to work? I have many years of experience with dogs and a variety of small animals. I have some experience with horses and would be happy bringing them in from fields, grooming, feeding, mucking out etc..

You can be sure that:

  • Your dogs will be walked regularly as specified by you
  • Your pets will be loved and cared for and will follow their usual routines including food quantities as specified by you
  • Your house will be kept clean and tidy, your plants watered, post picked up etc
  • Your home will be more secure
  • Any emergency would be dealt with